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About us
Janusz Nowak Printing Establishment is a family business their business relying on years of experience. It is already the second generation which is drilling the puzzles and expanding knowledge of the printing industry. The company was founded in 1984 by Mr. Janusz Nowak, who is associated with the printing industry since 1960. For many years he gained knowledge working in leading positions in the state printing companies. Janusz sons, Mikołaj and Łukasz, are involved in the management of the company. In 2009 there was a change in the legal form of an individual company doing business has evolved into a company with limited liability.

During just the last years of activity, the company purchased 15 different, typically production machines, all of which are now the property of the company. Developed machinery park can achieve an annual printing capacity about 100 million sheets of B-1 format. Being guided by the principle that the most important thing is to produce products of high quality and to have the sales market for them, constantly strengthens own position both in the domestic and foreign markets, increasing the revenues as well as the employment.