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Put the image on the paper. Janusz Nowak Printing Establishment for many years is a leader in its segment. We do not disperse. We do always what we can best. Books, pamphlets, brochures. This is our world. World of paper, color, printing and binding. We are really good at this. You can trust us and be quit of the trouble.


Modern, innovative technology is our strengths. In today's highly competitive and saturated market only undertakings with the latest technological solutions are successful. We know this and do not allow us to use half measures at any stage of production, from customer service through planning, printing, binding and finishing processes, warehouse and expedition. All this is supported by many informatics systems which do not allow for mistakes.

O firmie

Poligrafia Janusz Nowak to firma rodzinna opierająca swoją działalność na wieloletnich doświadczeniach. Już drugie pokolenie drąży zagadki i poszerza wiedzę z zakresu poligrafii.